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2 Results The guep’art – Tuesday 15 morning: Workshop wild violin By Angel School Guepin on 26/01/10 – 10:58 In Creation, Expressive Arts Arts> Music and sound This is a kind of trumpet which called extraphone. The extraphone was made basic stick and half bottles. All instruments are not the same sound. Everyone loved the extraphone.L’animateur played, Julian, was inspired by other instruments to create the extraphone. Nour Anne 2009-2010 2 comments Read more guep’art – Tuesday 15 morning: Workshop For School Chocolate Angel Guepin on 26/01/10 – 11:05 In: Arts Arts> Visual Arts Kitchen is melted chocolate. We need big sticks. We decorate lollipops with: dark chocolate and milk chocolate vermicelli, smarties and coconut. Everyone loves to lollipops and eat. This is the mother of Tanguy who leads the workshop. Nour Anne 2009-2010 Learn more
In: The International Educator CEL For teachers review in November 1958 http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/58-59/3/25-26.pdf For kindergarten students> For French elementary teachers Software> Scripture-reading download free license free in January 2013 openoffice ooo libreoffice OOo4Kids dyslexia dys module This is an OpenOffice / LibreOffice / OOo4kids Module offering tools reading assistance for beginning readers or struggling – colorization syllables – syllables highlighted by bowls – identification of silent letters – marker lines … Just highlight a piece of text and click the button to desired functionality. See also PicoSvoxOOo Download module official website LireCouleur a comment Compatibility By Bruno Jolys on 03/01/15 – 0:44. Warning: the download version depends on the word processor used! > with OOo4kids 1.3 download LireCouleur with LibreOffice 3.2.0 > 4 > 3.2.0 download LireCouleur with ApacheOpenOffice 4 3.2.0 download LireCouleur AOo4 In general, it is better to use a current word processing last version. By Bruno meet LibreOffice Jolys, the 11/02/18 – 23:30. Works with LibreOffice 4, 5 and LibreOffice LibreOffice 6. Attention in new versions, the button located in the side door. reply
In: Congress academic difficulty> dyslexia school level> second degree relatives culture The Educator CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> class organization> self pedagogical principles> Technical cooperation teaching> Teaching band Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) teaching Techniques> audiovisual techniques May 1965 There is a month – at the time of writing – ended our great national and international annual meeting. We need a whole book to account for the Congress of extreme wealth, not only by what he brought to his positive thousand participants, but also fertile openings of work he has raised and which we must be content to indicate the essential dominant today. CONSCIOUSNESS TAKE CATASTROPHIC SCHOOL OFFSET The first session we wanted in the form of free discussion of a conference, was especially dedicated to awareness of this catastrophic shift of the school relative to ambient. It just opened on an important communication Elise Freinet that showed by the memories of his childhood environment teacher excellence of a secular school at the beginning of the century, was in the vanguard on the environment. She was in the vanguard pedagogically because she was just bringing children weaned from all intellectual knowledge, a culture of primer that not then lacked efficiency. She was advanced spiritually. She led a bold campaign for freedom, equality, and fraternity, freshly inscribed on the pediment of the schools; She struggled to free thought against dogmatism and clericalism. And that’s because they had to act effectively, the story engine, that the teachers gave themselves to their priesthood with faith, generosity and conscience that we may not meet again never the equivalent . This moving testimony to lay educators of the early century clearly showed what we criticize in traditional school, they are less methods in itself that their mismatch of the medium. A beautiful carriage pride of lords of it a hundred years ago would be a cause of disorder and protest if traveling on roads today dedicated to vehicles doing 120 per hour. It is this idea mismatch how to get answers for homework online
School we need to understand and accept. Common sense should be enough when we see around us adapt factories, certainly, but also agricultural facilities one would have thought once definitively rebels to technical progress, the army and the Church itself. Only the School made this general law scandalous and incomprehensible exception. And this mismatch occurs precisely in the area that it is the most sensitive: education, that is bold and active training of people today and tomorrow. Now these men of tomorrow can not – technically – training with methods of the past. Modernization is urgently needed. How to convince of this necessity the first users, educators then, and finally the services concerned and legislators? It is this research we have started and we have to continue. But our main task is and will be, to show our achievements that modernization is now possible, it is within reach of all, it takes only are exemplary effort to create frameworks Celtic modernization of forge the tools and prepare educators to use wisely what will perhaps be the most difficult and sometimes disappointing task. There are only a few chandeliers, the offset that we denounce thirty years was not dramatic and you could more or less live with it sometimes. It is now catastrophic. The school now needs or to adapt and modernize, or wither and die. May the mass of interest in realize before it is too late? SECOND NIGHT WAS DOMINATED BY A PARTICULAR ASPECT OF THIS DRAMA: DISTRESS AND dumbing CHILDREN IN MOST CURRENT SCHOOLS INCLUDING SECOND DEGREE We are somewhat accustomed to criticism that we issue for a long time, with some timidity, against this traditional pedagogy. We tentatively formulate because in this area it is difficult to delineate the boundaries of scholastic today. To hear the mass of educators, this dumbing down the problem of children by outdated methods would be far from the scale and acuteness that we attribute to him the traditional methods would rarely practiced 100% and more or less sown modernism. Punishments are only accidental and due mainly to the conditions more difficult for schools enlarged, to the inhumanity of large anonymous groups or possibly exams. We are far from load educators, to some degree they are, for all the ills of the current school. We were the first to denounce the contrary overcrowded classrooms and the accelerated deterioration of the family and social environment which are determining the fate of pedagogy. The fact remains that the authoritarian practices of the School, both pedagogically and disciplinary today are anachronistic in a world that, through the struggles and sufferings, however moving towards democratic solutions will be a feature of our time moving. We shall return again often on this mortal offset for the school until parents and educators, and students also feel the need to act without delay. This awareness has been, I would say explosive for the second degree. It is a moving speech by Bertrand that would create, in this second evening, a grassroots movement whose tub should move towards a vanguard action remains in the tradition of our movement.